9 Beats USA Announces Solo Solo Event to #BeatTheVirus

It's not a talent contest.  It's just for fun.

You don't need drums. 

You don't need to be a drummer. 

Just get creative and be sure to solo solo.

9 Beats USA Solo Solo Event

- Music Lessons That Change Your Child's Life -

The 9 Beats Music Education Institute was founded in 2003 by drummer, educator and entrepreneur Li Hongyu. Headquartered in the Innovation Park of Nankai University in Tianjin, 9 Beats has emerged as the global leader in music education.

Since it was established, 9 Beats has been committed to expanding and developing exciting and innovative new programs for children's modern music education. 9 Beats' self-developed music lesson system for learning rock drums, jazz drums, electric guitar, electric bass, snare drum rudiments, and marimba is  recognized as a scientific and effective learning system. 

The 9 Beats learning system combines both a series textbooks with effective learning techniques and defined benchmarks for learning and effective progress, with a state-of-the art in-app accompaniment to classroom learning that provides a highly engaging, modern and fun aspect to learning that links the students and parents alike to student curriculum and progress in real time.

9 Beats students enjoy a unique, small-group learning environment that creates a positive, group dynamic for more effective learning. teaching method and teacher-led classroom training method has trained hundreds of national champions and is at the forefront of the Chinese music education and training industry. The 9 Beats teacher training system has trained thousands of music educators who have gone on to teach in 9 Beats locations across China.

As of 2020, there are 9 Beats schools in 565 cities in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China and has established more than 1,200 campuses. There are currently more than 350,000 students studying, and more than 8,000 teachers teaching in Nine Beats schools. 

In partnership with world-renowned drummer, educator and producer, Thomas Lang - the 9 Beats global brand is proud to announce the formation of 9 Beats, USA launching in 2020.



Cuts to school budgets always seem to hit music education the hardest. Learning music as part of a well-rounded education is regarded as a "nice to have" -- not a "need to have" element of a well-rounded education. With all due respect, we at 9 Beats USA disagree. 

Mothers sing to comfort their newborns and teach them the alphabet by singing the A-B-C’s to a simple little tune. As we grow, the singalong songs of our childhood are replaced by the pop and rock songs we hear on the radio. Together with our classmates, we cheer the school team by singing and clapping along with our school’s fight song. We learn hymns in our houses of worship, jingles from advertising. Music is all around us and permeates our lives. Whether it’s classic rock or classical Bach, these songs and more become the soundtracks of our lives. Music is what bonds us and is something that we can all enjoy literally from the cradle to the grave. Music is a life skill.



  • Enriches the quality of children’s lives 
  • Promotes cultural awareness Creates social bonds 
  • Makes schools better places to learn
  • Promotes pride of accomplishment
  • Provides an outlet for students to express feelings and emotions
  • Promotes responsibility & teamwork
  • Raises student achievement
  • Develops self-discipline
  • Develops brain/body thinking and coordination
  • Provides constructive entertainment


Let's be honest... As adults, do any of us celebrate special occasions by gathering around the kitchen table with friends and family to do Algebra or conjugate irregular verbs? Probably not.

Not to disparage fans of Algebra or verb-conjugation, but a child’s education limited solely to the mastery of English language arts, mathematics and hard sciences – and lacking study of drama, dance, music and visual arts – deprives students of the exploration of ideas, concepts and expression that cannot be summarized or even expressed in words or numbers.

Music is what bonds us. It marks our celebrations, our triumphs and even our tragedies. If you're a fan of a band -- no matter where you go in the world, if you find another fan -- you have a bond with a complete stranger. 

Music is a NEED to have and 9 Beats USA wants to make sure you have what you need. Of course, if you enjoy getting together with your friends to do Algebra...? 

We're pretty sure you're playing some music in the background too.