Cuts to school budgets always seem to hit music education the hardest. Learning music as part of a well-rounded education is regarded as a "nice to have" -- not a "need to have" element of a well-rounded education. 

With all due respect, we at 9 Beats USA disagree. 

Mothers sing to comfort their newborns and teach them the alphabet by singing the A-B-C’s to a simple little tune. As we grow, the singalong songs of our childhood are replaced by the pop and rock songs we hear on the radio. Together with our classmates, we cheer the school team by singing and clapping along with our school’s fight song. We learn hymns in our houses of worship, jingles from advertising. Music is all around us and permeates our lives. Whether it’s classic rock or classical Bach, these songs and more become the soundtracks of our lives. Music is what bonds us and is something that we can all enjoy literally from the cradle to the grave. Music is a life skill.


  • Enriches the quality of children’s lives 
  • Promotes cultural awareness Creates social bonds 
  • Makes schools better places to learn
  • Promotes pride of accomplishment
  • Provides an outlet for students to express feelings and emotions
  • Promotes responsibility & teamwork
  • Raises student achievement
  • Develops self-discipline
  • Develops brain/body thinking and coordination
  • Provides constructive entertainment

Let's be honest... As adults, do any of us celebrate special occasions by gathering around the kitchen table with friends and family to do Algebra or conjugate irregular verbs? Probably not.

Not to disparage fans of Algebra or verb-conjugation, but a child’s education limited solely to the mastery of English language arts, mathematics and hard sciences – and lacking study of drama, dance, music and visual arts – deprives students of the exploration of ideas, concepts and expression that cannot be summarized or even expressed in words or numbers.

Music is what bonds us. It marks our celebrations, our triumphs and even our tragedies. If you're a fan of a band -- no matter where you go in the world, if you find another fan -- you have a bond with a complete stranger. 

Music is a NEED to have and 9 Beats USA wants to make sure you have what you need. Of course, if you enjoy getting together with your friends to do Algebra...? 

We're pretty sure you're playing some music in the background too.



We are The Music Education Experience

 9 Beats USA is the Future of Music Education

We are unlike any music education franchise, university or online learning platform in the world today. With over 1200 schools currently in operation outside the U.S. – the 9 Beats USA method of teaching and learning how to play a musical instrument is a proven, unique and exciting new way to learn music in a collaborative, fun and inspiring environment. 

Powered by the 9 Beats Curriculum. 

Learning music has never been easier. From rock drums, marching drums, and jazz drums -- to guitar, bass and much more provides a systematic, uniform easy-to-follow 

Parents Love Us. 

Affordable, high quality music lessons taught by trained professionals are just a few reasons why parents love us. What they really love is our accountability. No more wondering how your child is progressing. No more concerns over whether your child’s music teacher is a skilled educator – or maybe not so much? We know. It can be hard. When your child wants to learn how to play drums or guitar, it can be hard to find a local teacher in whom to entrust your child’s burgeoning musical aspirations.  Our teachers are qualified musicians and educators who have been trained in our corporate headquarters on how to teach our method and represent the 9 Beats brand and our philosophy. 

Even better? 9 Beats USA’s proprietary learning method and textbooks series provide defined benchmarks for your child’s progress. Students “graduate” from level-to-level as their skill levels increase and they master the art of playing their instrument of choice. 9 Beats USA’s proven learning techniques and defined benchmarks for learning, combined with our state-of-the art in-app accompaniment to classroom learning delivers a highly engaging, modern and fun aspect to learning that links students and parents alike to our teachers, curriculum, class notes and homework and progress in real time.

9 Beats students aren’t just learning to play songs, they’re learning to play instrument while having fun.

Students Really Love Us. 

Students learn in a unique, small group learning environment that creates a positive, group dynamic for more effective learning. Students learn together as a class with a maximum of eight students in each group. In our 9 Beats USA teaching classrooms, students work on their individual instruments (drums, guitar, bass) along with their teachers and fellow classmates as they progress through their lesson plan. Working as a group builds confidence, team spirit and inspires healthy group dynamics – and even a little friendly competition. 

Did We Mention Our Tech?

This is where we really shine. The 9 Beats USA app is a cloud-based system that links students to their teachers and fellow classmates in a closed, cloud-based network. 

Our 9 Beats USA classrooms are equipped with large, “electronic white boards” linked to the 9 Beats app. Teachers utilize the app to teach in classroom to access in-app content including lesson plans, play-along tracks, videos and much more. Our electronic white boards allow teachers to loop music, adjust temps, notate, and add notes to the daily lesson. 

At the end of class? Each teacher can capture his classroom notes and send it to each student with one click. At home, 9 Beats USA students simply open their app and the day’s classroom notes and homework assignments are stored for easy access. Parents can review students’ progress effortlessly via the app and stay up to date with their progress. 

Need to ask your teacher a question outside of class? No problem! The 9 Beats USA app links student profiles with their instructors inside a closed group so asking questions, following up on lessons is a breeze. 

What is a brand?

A brand is a construct, a type of shorthand, that people hold in their minds and hearts when thinking about an institution. 

A brand at its core is a promise of what the institution stands for and what it offers to those who engage with it.

A brand is earned rather than owned. It is the cumulative result of every experience, communication, and reference made by or about our institution over time as experienced by others. 

Simply put, a brand is not something we buy; a brand is something we build.


The 9 Beats USA official logo is reminiscent of the logo for 9 Beats China, but as we are a separate company, our logo has its own unique features and color palette.


Maximum Red numeral "9" lined with Pure White "stripes" punctuated with a "Sheriff's Star" of Prussian Blue creating a "bullseye" design.


Maximum Red, White and Prussian Blue in combination are 9 Beats USA’s signature color combination by which consumers identify with our brand.

The 9 Beats USA is proud to be an American brand and our color palette of Maximum Red, White and Prussian Blue in combination are the 9 Beats USA signature color combination by which consumers identify with our brand.

Our brand color palette draws inspiration from the iconic American Blue, American Red and White hues of the flag of the United States of America, but with an added boost of vibrance and intensity that conveys the youth, excitement and spirit of 9 Beats USA.

The central blue star in the logo is a "Sheriff's Star" which means the sides are slightly convex and rounded. 

Incorporate our signature colors into your materials to tap into that powerful recognition and connect with our brand. To ensure consistency and protect our signature colors, be sure to use the proper specifications below, and consider that a generous use of white allows our colors, and any others, to stand out.


  • Maximum Red & Prussian Blue must always be present in our official branding.
  • The official 9 Beats USA logo may be shown in black and white.
  • 9 Beats USA logo in color is always shown as a Maximum Red "9" punctuated with a Prussian Blue "Sheriff Star" in the center. The "9" is cut with Pure White stripes, but it is acceptable to show the "9" as solid red.
  • You may add a shadow of Prussian Blue behind the logo to show depth and dimension.


  • DO refer to us as "9 Beats USA"
  • DO NOT refer to us as "9 Beats"
  • DO use the numeral "9" 
  • DO NOT spell out the word "nine" as in "Nine Beats USA"
  • DO use "Sheriff's Stars" (convex star polygons)
  • DO NOT use standard star shapes (non-convex star polygons)







HTML/HEX CODE: #cf2ff35

RGB code: (207, 47, 53)

HsL code: (358, 63% 50%)

Hwb code: (358, 18%, 19%)

Cmyk code: (0%, 77%, 74%, 19%)

Ncol code: M96, 18% 19%

Maximum Red is bold, vibrant and exciting. It evokes the power of Italian sports cars and the soles of designer shoes. 

Maximum Red is an integral part of our brand, which is why its presence is required on all 9 Beats USA marketing, collateral and communications. A prominence of Maximum Red, however, is not always advisable.

Red is one of the most visible colors. Why? Anthropologists believe we’re hardwired to notice red as a survival instinct. Aside from black and white, red is the only color distinction found in every human language.

Physically, red focuses behind the retina, which forces the lens of your eye to become more convex to pull it forward; therefore, we perceive red areas as advancing. How scarlet is positioned in relation to other hues, however, makes a world of difference. 

On a black background, for example, Maximum Red glows and expands, while on a white background it appears contained and crisp. Surrounded by orange and purple, Maximum Red is relatively lifeless.

Bottom line: in any design, a little Maximum Red goes a long way





HTML/HEX CODE: #1d3555

RGB code: (29, 53, 85)

HsL code: (214, 49%, 22%)

Hwb code: (214, 11%, 67%)

Cmyk code: (66%, 38%, 0%, 67%)

Ncol code: C57, 11% 67%

Prussian Blue is called, “the color that changed the world.” The first-ever modern, synthetic pigment was created accidentally in 1703 by a colormaker Johann Diesbach. Previous to Diesbach’s discovery, the strongest and most useful permanent blue was ultramarine – so named for the words, “oltre marino”—referring to it being brought from “over the sea.” So expensive was it that many artists had to rely on their wealthy clients to buy it for them or otherwise go without.

The newly discovered dark, blueish-blackish hue became a favorite of artists like Gainsborough and Monet and is instantly recognizable in paintings like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and was featured heavily by Picasso in his ‘Blue Period. 

This merger of art and science to create something new and exciting that brings creativity and inspiration to the masses is a perfect embodiment of the 9 Beats USA brand.





X=334, Y=281

HEX #ffffff

RGB (255, 255, 255)

CMYK (0,0,0,0)

Pure white makes our palette pop. 


NOTE: We have not yet defined fonts. We welcome your input.






9 Beats USA is for everyone. We are fun, exciting, friendly and outgoing. We go the extra mile to make our students feel empowered and valuable and our parents feel comfortable in the knowledge that their children are learning and progressing.

Our goal is to be a trusted source for music education, a valued asset in our local communities and to put music lessons within reach of every person who wants to give it a try. 


9 Beats USA has an identifiable style that mixes graphic and modern with vintage, enduring looks from iconic American pop art, science and technology, and sports culture with a touch of manga and classic comic book style.

Key Inspirations: 

· 70’s American Motorcycle Stuntman, Evel Knieval

· Speed Racer & Manga Animation

-Pop Artists Andy Warhol & Shepard Fairey


· Team USA Women’s Soccer Team 


· Fun

· Freedom

· Individualism

· Teamwork

· Excellence

· Intelligence

- Determination

- Confidence

· Spirit

· Modern

· New

· Encouraging

· Entertaining

· Energetic


Our style IS:

· Gender Neutral

· Modern & Graphic 

· Clean & Crisp

· Modern Yet Retro

· Smart

· Stars & Stripes

· Motocross

· Science & Technology

· Conveys a Sense of Humor and Good Spirit

Our style is NOT:

· Fussy

· Pretentious

· Hipster

· Cluttered

· Basic

· Drab

· Boring

· Average

· Cliché “Rock n’ Roll”